Project Endorsements

Project Endorsements

Endorsement Form (Word doc)

The IQOE Science Committee invites participation of the international scientific community in the project, through seeking endorsement by IQOE of relevant research, monitoring, and modelling activities. The IQOE will provide an international structure for planning and coordination of multinational scientific activities related to sound in the ocean and its effects on marine organisms. In addition, the IQOE will help provide a framework for national and regional projects to (1) coordinate their activities; (2) agree to standards for research, observations, and modelling; and (3) combine data to increase its usefulness. The IQOE has established an endorsement process to help identify relevant national and regional science activities, and to link these activities to international IQOE.

Benefits of involvement in the IQOE

  1. The IQOE will serve as a focal point to bring together a larger number of scientists and engineers to identify priority questions and promising approaches to answering the questions described in the IQOE Science Plan.
  2. The IQOE will provide a mechanism to bring together a critical mass of resources (expertise, equipment, finances) over an extended period to make progress on difficult observational, modelling, and research challenges.
  3. The IQOE will provide the justification and resources for international standardization and intercalibrations for better comparison of the results of observations, modelling, and research worldwide.
  4. The IQOE will demonstrate the importance of ocean acoustics and biological effects to the public, managers, and policymakers.
  5. The IQOE will attract financial resources and staffing to provide critical infrastructural support for meeting planning, communication, development of scientific publications, and capacity building.

Scientists may seek endorsement for activities that have already been approved by national funding agencies or international organizations, or activities that are in the proposal phase. The endorsement of a scientific activity by the IQOE Science Committee is a recognition of the activity's alignment with the mission and objectives of IQOE, of its potential for contributing to an increased understanding of sound in the ocean and its effects on marine organisms, and of its contribution to help manage human impacts on the ocean.

Responsibilities of Endorsed Projects

Endorsed projects will be expected to help achieve the scientific goals of the IQOE, to help develop and follow standards for research and observations, to help develop and follow the IQOE data policy, and to work together with other projects with shared goals.