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Aggressive communication in aquatic environments, Frommen, Joachim G. , Functional Ecology, Volume n/a, Number n/a, (Submitted)
Anthropogenic disturbance in a changing environment: modelling lifetime reproductive success to predict the consequences of multiple stressors on a migratory population, Pirotta, Enrico, Mangel Marc, Costa Daniel P., Goldbogen Jeremy, Harwood John, Hin Vincent, Irvine Ladd M., Mate Bruce R., McHuron Elizabeth A., Palacios Daniel M., et al. , Oikos, (Submitted)
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Ecology of sound communication in fishes, Ladich, Friedrich , Fish and Fisheries, (Submitted)
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Effects of handling and transportation on the heart rate and behaviour of sheep, Baldock, N. M., and Sibly R. M. , Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Volume 28, Number 1, p.15-39, (Submitted)
Estimating effective detection area of static passive acoustic data loggers from playback experiments with cetacean vocalisations, Nuuttila, Hanna K., Brundiers Katharina, Dähne Michael, Koblitz Jens C., Thomas Len, Courtene-Jones Winnie, Evans Peter G. H., Turner John R., Bennell Jim D., and Hiddink Jan G. , Methods in Ecology and Evolution, (Submitted)
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Hydroacoustic measurements of the 2014 eruption at Ahyi volcano, 20.4°N Mariana Arc, Metz, D., and Grevemeyer I. , Geophysical Research Letters, Number ja, (Submitted)
Impact of maritime traffic and whale-watching on apparent survival of bottlenose dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar, Tenan, Simone, Hernández Noelia, Fearnbach Holly, de Stephanis Renaud, Verborgh Philippe, and Oro Daniel , Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, Volume n/a, Number n/a, (Submitted)
Impacts of ship noise on the growth and immunophysiological response in the juveniles of two Sciaenidae species, Larimichthys crocea and Nibea albiflora, Lin, Tingting, Wang Changbo, Liu Xin, and Zhang Dong , Journal of Applied Ichthyology, (Submitted)
Influence of boat tourism on the behaviour of Solovetskiy beluga whales (Delphinapterus leucas) in Onega Bay, the White Sea, Krasnova, Vera V., Prasolova Ekaterina A., Belikov Roman A., Chernetsky Anton D., and Panova Elena M. , Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, Volume n/a, Number n/a, (Submitted)
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An overview of fish bioacoustics and the impacts of anthropogenic sounds on fishes, Popper, Arthur N., and Hawkins Anthony D. , Journal of Fish Biology, Number ja, (Submitted)
Passive acoustic monitoring shows no effect of anthropogenic noise on acoustic communication in the invasive round goby (Neogobius melanostomus), Higgs, Dennis M., and Humphrey Sarah R. , Freshwater Biology, (Submitted)
Passive monitoring of phenological acoustic patterns reveals the sound of the camouflage grouper, Epinephelus polyphekadion, Jublier, Noémie, Bertucci Frédéric, Kéver Loïc, Colleye Orphal, Ballesta Laurent, Nemeth Richard S., Lecchini David, Rhodes Kevin L., and Parmentier Eric , Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, Volume n/a, Number n/a, (Submitted)
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Spatial behavioural response of coastal bottlenose dolphins to habitat disturbance in southern Brazil, Agrelo, Macarena, Daura-Jorge Fábio G., Bezamat Carolina, Silveira Thiago C. L., de Castilho Pedro Volkmer, Pires José Salatiel R., and Simões-Lopes Paulo C. , Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, (Submitted)
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