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Factors affecting whale detection from large ships in Alaska with implications for whale avoidance, Williams, S. H., Gende S. M., Lukacs P. M., and Webb K. , Endangered Species Research, Volume 30, p.209-223, (2016)
Findings from U.S. Navy Hydrophone Ranges, Moretti, David, Morrissey Ronald, Jarvis Susan, and Shaffer Jessica , Listening in the Ocean, New York, NY, p.239-256, (2016)
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Fish Sound Production: Insights, Parmentier, Eric, and Fine Michael L. , Vertebrate Sound Production and Acoustic Communication, Cham, p.19-49, (2016)
Frequency and Energy Difference Detection of Dolphin Biosonar Signals Using a Decomposition Algorithm, Muller, Mark W. , Open Journal of Acoustics, Volume 6, p.1-12, (2016)
From Shrimp to Whales: Biological Applications of Passive Acoustic Monitoring on a Remote Pacific Coral Reef, Lammers, Marc O., and Munger Lisa M. , Listening in the Ocean, New York, NY, p.61-81, (2016)
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Factors Affecting Haul-Out Behavior of Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina) in Tidewater Glacier Inlets in Alaska: Can Tourism Vessels and Seals Coexist?, Blundell, Gail M., and Pendleton Grey W. , PLOS ONE, Volume 10, Number 5, p.e0125486, (2015)
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Fish Hearing and Bioacoustics: An Anthology in Honor of Arthur N. Popper and Richard R. Fay, Sisneros, J.A. , (2015)
Frequent and prolonged nocturnal occupation of port areas by Yangtze finless porpoises (Neophocaena asiaeorientalis): Forced choice for feeding?, Wang, Zhitao, Akamatsu Tomonari, Mei Zhigang, Dong Lijun, Imaizumi Tomohito, Wang Kexiong, and Wang Ding , Integrative Zoology, Volume 10, Number 1, p.122-132, (2015)
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