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Raising your voice: evolution of narrow-band high-frequency signals in toothed whales (Odontoceti), Galatius, Anders, Olsen Morten Tange, Steeman Mette Elstrup, Racicot Rachel A., Bradshaw Catherine D., Kyhn Line A., and Miller Lee A. , Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Volume 126, Number 2, p.213-224, (2018)
Real-time tracking of a surface ship using a bottom-mounted horizontal array, Byun, Gihoon, Song H. C., Kim J. S., and Park J. S. , The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2018/10/01, Volume 144, Number 4, p.2375-2382, (2018)
Relationships of cochlear coiling shape and hearing frequencies in cetaceans, and the occurrence of infrasonic hearing in Miocene Mysticeti, Ritsche, Indira S., Fahlke Julia M., Wieder Frank, Hilger André, Manke Ingo, and Hampe Oliver , Fossil Record, Volume 21, Number 1, p.33-45, (2018)
On the reliability of acoustic annotations and automatic detections of Antarctic blue whale calls under different acoustic conditions, Leroy, Emmanuelle C., Thomisch Karolin, Royer Jean-Yves, Boebel Olaf, and Van Opzeeland Ilse , The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2018/08/01, Volume 144, Number 2, p.740-754, (2018)
Resilience of harbor porpoises to anthropogenic disturbance: Must they really feed continuously?, Hoekendijk, Jeroen P. A., Spitz Jérôme, Read Andrew J., Leopold Mardik F., and Fontaine Michael C. , Marine Mammal Science, Volume 34, Number 1, p.258-264, (2018)
Resilience of the endangered sperm whale Physeter macrocephalus to foraging disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico, USA: a bioenergetic approach, Farmer, Nicholas A., Noren Dawn P., Fougères Erin M., Machernis Abigail, and Baker Kyle , Marine Ecology Progress Series, Volume 589, p.241-261, (2018)
Review of Maritime Transport 2018, Development, United Nations Co , New York, NY, USA, (2018)
A review of wind turbine-generated infrasound: Source, measurement and effect on health, Tonin, Renzo , Acoustics Australia, April 01, Volume 46, Number 1, p.69-86, (2018)
Risso's dolphins plan foraging dives, Arranz, Patricia, Benoit-Bird Kelly J., Southall Brandon L., Calambokidis John, Friedlaender Ari S., and Tyack Peter L. , Journal of Experimental Biology, Volume 221, Number 4, p.jeb165209, (2018)