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Book Chapter
Field tests of acoustic devices on groundfish gillnets: assessment of effectiveness in reducing harbour porpoise by-catch, Lien, J., Hood C., Pittman D., Ruel P., Borggaard D., Chisholm C., Weisner L., Mahon T., and Mitchell D. , Sensory Systems of Aquatic Mammals, Woerden, The Netherlands, p.349–364, (1995)
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The first mass stranding that was associated with the use of active sonar (Kyparissiakos Gulf, Greece, 1996), Frantzis, A. , Active Sonar and Cetaceans, Volume 42, p.50, (1998)
Fish Sound Production: Insights, Parmentier, Eric, and Fine Michael L. , Vertebrate Sound Production and Acoustic Communication, Cham, p.19-49, (2016)
Frequency discrimination in teleosts-central or peripheral?, Enger, P.S. , Hearing and sound communication in Fishes., New York, (1981)
Frequency-selectivity of the auditory system in the bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, Supin, A., and Popov V. , Sensory abilities of cetaceans/Laboratory and field evidence, New York, p.385-393, (1990)
From Shrimp to Whales: Biological Applications of Passive Acoustic Monitoring on a Remote Pacific Coral Reef, Lammers, Marc O., and Munger Lisa M. , Listening in the Ocean, New York, NY, p.61-81, (2016)
Functional aspects of cetacean communication, Tyack, P. L. , Cetacean Societies: Field Studies of Dolphins and Whales, Chicago, IL, p.270-307, (2000)
The functioning of the echolocation system of Tursiops truncatus during noise masking, Romanenko, E.V., and Kitain V.Ya. , Marine Mammal Sensory Systems, New York, p.415-419, (1992)
Conference Paper
Functional analyses of whale ears: Adaptations for underwater hearing, Ketten, D.R. , Proceedings of OCEANS '94, Oceans Engineering for Today's Technology and Tomorrow's Preservation, Sep 13-16, Volume 1, p.264-270, (1994)
Conference Proceedings
Factors affecting the underwater noise of commercial vessels operating in environmentally sensitive areas, Fischer, R.W., and Brown N.A. , IEEE Oceans 2005 Conference, Volume 3, p.1982-1988, (2005)
Fish choruses from the Kimberley, seasonal and lunar links as determined by long term sea noise monitoring, McCauley, R. D. , Annual Conference of the Australian Acoustical Society, 21-23 November 2012, Fremantle, Western Australia, (2012)