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Assessing underwater noise levels during pile-driving at an offshore windfarm and its potential effects on marine mammals, Bailey, H., Senior B., Simmons D., Rusin J., Picken G., and Thompson P. M. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, Jun, Volume 60, Number 6, p.888-897, (2010)
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Forecasting the consequences of climate-driven shifts in human behaviour on cetaceans, Alter, S. E., Simmonds M. P., and Brandon J. R. , Marine Policy, Sep, Volume 34, Number 5, p.943-954, (2010)
A New Acoustic Portal into the Odontocete Ear and Vibrational Analysis of the Tympanoperiotic Complex, Cranford, T. W., Krysl P., and Amundin M. , Plos One, Aug 4, Volume 5, Number 8, p. e11927, (2010)
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A critique of the UK's JNCC seismic survey guidelines for minimising acoustic disturbance to marine mammals: Best practise?, Parsons, E. C. M., Dolman S. J., Jasny M., Rose N. A., Simmonds M. P., and Wright A. J. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, May, Volume 58, Number 5, p.643-651, (2009)
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Overview of comparative cognitive studies of dolphins in Japan, Morisaka, T. , Japanese Psychological Research, Sep, Volume 51, Number 3, p.168-176, (2009)
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Small-scale spatial variability of sperm and sei whales in relation to oceanographic and topographic features along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Skov, H., Gunnlaugsson T., Budgell W. P., Horne J., Nottestad L., Olsen E., Soiland H., Vikingsson G., and Waring G. , Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography, Volume 55, Number 1-2, p.254-268, (2008)