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Journal Article
Characterization of Australian fur seal vocalizations during the breeding season, Tripovich, Joy S., Canfield Rhondda, Rogers Tracey L., and Arnould John P. Y. , Marine Mammal Science, Volume 24, Number 4, p.913-928, (2008)
Click-Evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses in an Australian Sea Lion (Neophoca cinerea), Lucke, Klaus, Van Dun Bram, Gardner-Berry Kirsty, Carter Lyndal, Martin Kobe, Rogers Tracey L., and Tripovich Joy S. , Aquatic Mammals, Volume 42, Number 2, p.210-217, (2016)
Density can be misleading for low-density species: Benefits of passive acoustic monitoring., Rogers, Tracey L., Ciaglia Michael B., Klinck Holger, and Southwell Colin , PLoS ONE, Volume 8, Number 1, p.e52542, (2013)
Does size matter? Examining the drivers of mammalian vocalizations, Martin, Kobe, Tucker Marlee A., and Rogers Tracey L. , Evolution; international journal of organic evolution, Volume 71, Number 2, p.249-260, (2017)
Source levels of the underwater calls of a male leopard seal, Rogers, Tracey L. , The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Volume 136, Number 4, (2014)
Temporal segregation of the Australian and Antarctic blue whale call types (Balaenoptera musculus spp.)., Tripovich, Joy S., Klinck Holger, Nieukirk Sharon L., Adams Tempe, Mellinger David K., Balcazar Naysa E., Klinck Karolin, Hall Evelyn J. S., and Rogers Tracey L. , Journal of Mammalogy, Volume 96, Number 3, p.603-610, (2015)
Using calls as an indicator for Antarctic blue whale occurrence and distribution across the southwest Pacific and southeast Indian Oceans, Balcazar, Naysa E., Klinck Holger, Nieukirk Sharon L., Mellinger David K., Klinck Karolin, Dziak Robert P., and Rogers Tracey L. , Marine Mammal Science, Volume 33, Number 1, p.172–186, (2016)
Vocal individuality of in-air Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddellii) pup "primary" calls, Collins, Kym T., Terhune John M., Rogers Tracey L., Wheatley Kathryn E., and Harcourt Robert G. , Marine Mammal Science, Volume 22, Number 4, p.933-951, (2006)