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Book Chapter
Listening to their world: Acoustics for monitoring and protecting right whales in an urbanized ocean, Clark, Christopher W., Gillespie Douglas, Nowacek Douglas P., and Parks Susan E. , The Urban Whale: North Atlantic Rights Whales at the Crossroads, Cambridge, MA, p.333-357, (2007)
Journal Article
Acoustic alarms reduce porpoise mortality, Kraus, Scott D., Read Andrew J., Solow Andrew, Baldwin Ken, Spradlin Trevor, Anderson Eric, and Williamson John , Nature, Volume 388, Number 6642, p.525, (1997)
Exploring movement patterns and changing distributions of baleen whales in the western North Atlantic using a decade of passive acoustic data, Davis, Genevieve E., Baumgartner Mark F., Corkeron Peter J., Bell Joel, Berchok Catherine, Bonnell Julianne M., Thornton Jacqueline Bort, Brault Solange, Buchanan Gary A., Cholewiak Danielle M., et al. , Global Change Biology, Volume n/a, Number n/a, (Submitted)
Get the most out of blow hormones: validation of sampling materials, field storage and extraction techniques for whale respiratory vapour samples, Burgess, Elizabeth A., Hunt Kathleen E., Kraus Scott D., and Rolland Rosalind M. , Conservation Physiology, Volume 4, Number 1, p.cow024-cow024, (2016)
The gunshot sound produced by male North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) and its potential function in reproductive advertisement, Parks, Susan E., Hamilton Philip K., Kraus Scott D., and Tyack Peter L. , Marine Mammal Science, Jul, Volume 21, Number 3, p.458-475, (2005)
Understanding the population consequences of disturbance, Pirotta, Enrico, Booth Cormac G., Costa Daniel P., Fleishman Erica, Kraus Scott D., Lusseau David, Moretti David, New Leslie F., Schick Robert S., Schwarz Lisa K., et al. , Ecology and Evolution, (Submitted)
Using Hierarchical Bayes to Understand Movement, Health, and Survival in the Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale, Schick, Robert S., Kraus Scott D., Rolland Rosalind M., Knowlton Amy R., Hamilton Philip K., Pettis Heather M., Kenney Robert D., and Clark James S. , PLoS ONE, Volume 8, Number 6, (2013)