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Journal Article
Acoustic evidence that harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) avoid bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) , Jacobson, Eiren K., Forney Karin A., and Harvey James T. , Marine Mammal Science, Volume 31, Number 1, p.386-397, (2014)
Hematological, serum, and plasma chemical constituents in pantropical spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata) following chase, encirclement, and tagging, Aubin, David J. St., Forney Karin A., Chivers Susan J., Scott Michael D., Danil Kerri, Romano Tracy A., Wells Randall S., and Gulland Frances M. D. , Marine Mammal Science, Volume 29, Number 1, p.14-35, (2013)
Inferring cetacean population densities from the absolute dynamic topography of the ocean in a hierarchical Bayesian framework. , Pardo, Mario A., Gerrodette Tim, Beier Emilio, Gendron Diane, Forney Karin A., Chivers Susan J., Barlow Jay, and Palacios Daniel M. , PLoS ONE, Volume 10, Number 3, p.e120727, (2015)
Performance evaluation of cetacean species distribution models developed using generalized additive models and boosted regression trees, Becker, Elizabeth A., Carretta James V., Forney Karin A., Barlow Jay, Brodie Stephanie, Hoopes Ryan, Jacox Michael G., Maxwell Sara M., Redfern Jessica V., Sisson Nicholas B., et al. , Ecology and Evolution, 2020/05/11, Volume n/a, Number n/a, (2020)
Temporal resolutions in species distribution models of highly mobile marine animals: Recommendations for ecologists and managers, Mannocci, Laura, Boustany Andre M., Roberts Jason J., Palacios Daniel M., Dunn Daniel C., Halpin Patrick N., Viehman Shay, Moxley Jerry, Cleary Jesse, Bailey Helen, et al. , Diversity and Distributions, Volume 23, Number 10, p.1098-1109, (2017)
What's the catch? Patterns of cetacean bycatch and depredation in Hawaii-based pelagic longline fisheries, Forney, Karin A., Kobayashi Donald R., Johnston David W., Marchetti Jamie A., and Marsik Michael G. , Marine Ecology, Volume 32, Number 3, p.380-391, (2011)