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Journal Article
Whale-watching activity in Bahia Malaga, on the Pacific coast of Colombia, and its effect on humpback whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) behavior, Avila, Isabel Cristina, Correa Lina Marcela, and Parsons E. C. M. , Tourism in Marine Environments, Volume 11, Number 1, p.19-32, (2015)
Size matters: Management of stress responses and chronic stress in beaked whales and other marine mammals may require larger exclusion zones, Wright, Andrew J., Deak Terrence, and Parsons E. C. M. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 63, Number 1-4, p.5-9, (2011)
Observations of Indo-Pacific humpbacked dolphins, Sousa chinensis, from Goa, Western India, Parsons, E. C. M. , Marine Mammal Science, 2-Feb-1998, Volume 14, Number 1, p.166-170, (1998)
Navy sonar, cetaceans and the US Supreme Court: A review of cetacean mitigation and litigation in the US, Zirbel, K., Balint P., and Parsons E. C. M. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 63, Number 1-4, p.40-48, (2011)
Navy sonar and cetaceans: Just how much does the gun need to smoke before we act?, Parsons, E. C. M., Dolman S. J., Wright A. J., Rose N. A., and Burns W. C. G. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, Jul, Volume 56, Number 7, p.1248-1257, (2008)
The modelling and assessment of whale-watching impacts., New, Leslie F., Hall Ailsa J., Harcourt Robert, Kaufman Greg, Parsons E. C. M., Pearson Heidi C., A. Cosentino Mel, and Schick Robert S. , Ocean & Coastal Management, Volume 115, p.10-16, (2015)
A critique of the UK's JNCC seismic survey guidelines for minimising acoustic disturbance to marine mammals: Best practise?, Parsons, E. C. M., Dolman S. J., Jasny M., Rose N. A., Simmonds M. P., and Wright A. J. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, May, Volume 58, Number 5, p.643-651, (2009)
Cetaceans and military sonar: A need for better management, Dolman, Sarah J., Parsons E. C. M., and Wright Andrew J. , Marine Pollution Bulletin, Volume 63, Number 1-4, p.1-4, (2011)