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Journal Article
Activities, motivations and disturbance: An agent-based model of bottlenose dolphin behavioral dynamics and interactions with tourism in Doubtful Sound, New Zealand, Pirotta, Enrico, New Leslie, Harwood John, and Lusseau David , Ecological Modelling, 2014/06/24/, Volume 282, p.44-58, (2014)
Anthropogenic disturbance in a changing environment: modelling lifetime reproductive success to predict the consequences of multiple stressors on a migratory population, Pirotta, Enrico, Mangel Marc, Costa Daniel P., Goldbogen Jeremy, Harwood John, Hin Vincent, Irvine Ladd M., Mate Bruce R., McHuron Elizabeth A., Palacios Daniel M., et al. , Oikos, (Submitted)
Modelling beluga habitat use and baseline exposure to shipping traffic to design effective protection against prospective industrialization in the Canadian Arctic, Pirotta, Enrico, New Leslie, and Marcoux Marianne , Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, Volume 28, Number 3, p.713-722, (2018)
Predicting the effects of human developments on individual dolphins to understand potential long-term population consequences, Pirotta, Enrico, Harwood John, Thompson Paul M., New Leslie, Cheney Barbara, Arso Monica, Hammond Philip S., Donovan Carl, and Lusseau David , Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B Biological Sciences, Volume 282, Number 1818, p.Article 20152109, (2015)
A risk function for behavioral disruption of Blainville's beaked whales (Mesoplodon densirostris) from mid-frequency active sonar, Moretti, David, Thomas Len, Marques Tiago, Harwood John, Dilley Ashley, Neales Bert, Shaffer Jessica, McCarthy Elena, New Leslie, Jarvis Susan, et al. , PloS One, Volume 9, Number 1, p.e85064, (2014)