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Journal Article
Analysis of calls of killer whales, Orcinus orca, from Iceland and Norway, Moore, Sue E., Francine Jon K., Bowles Ann E., and Ford John K. B. , Rit Fiskideildar, 26-Dec-1996, Volume 11, p.225-250, (1988)
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Cetacean Habitats in the Alaskan Arctic, Moore, Sue E., and DeMaster Douglas P. , Journal of the Northwest Atlantic Fish Sciences, Volume 22, p.55-69, (1998)
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Diel variation in blue whale calls recorded in the eastern tropical Pacific, Stafford, Kathleen M., Moore Sue E., and Fox Christopher G. , Animal Behaviour, 2005/04/01/, Volume 69, Number 4, p.951-958, (2005)
Gray whales in the Beaufort, Chukchi, and Bering Seas: Distribution and sound production, Moore, Sue E., and Ljungblad Donald K. , The gray whale Eschrichtius robustus, 18-Nov-1988<br/>11-May-90, Volume 29, p.543-559, (1984)
Marine Mammal Science and U.S. Navy Ship Shock Trials, Ridgway, Sam H., and Moore Sue E. , Marine Mammal Science, October, 1995, Volume 11, Number 4, p.590-593, (1995)
Monitoring long-term soundscape trends in U.S. Waters: The NOAA/NPS Ocean Noise Reference Station Network, Haver, Samara M., Gedamke Jason, Hatch Leila T., Dziak Robert P., Van Parijs Sofie, Mckenna Megan F., Barlow Jay, Berchok Catherine, DiDonato Eva, Hanson Brad, et al. , Marine Policy, 4//, Volume 90, p.6-13, (2018)
Passive Acoustic Surveys for BCB Bowhead Whales in the Beaufort Sea, 2003-2005, Moore, Sue E., Stafford Kathleen M., and Munger Lisa M. , SC, Volume 59, Number BRG18, p.1-7, (2007)
PERFORMANCE OF SPECTROGRAM CROSS CORRELATION IN DETECTING RIGHT WHALE CALLS IN LONG-TERM RECORDINGS FROM THE BERING SEA, Munger, Lisa M., Mellinger David K., Wiggins Sean M., Moore Sue E., and Hildebrand John A. , Canadian Acoustics/ Acoustique canadienne, Volume 33, Number 2, p.25-34, (2005)
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Whistles produced by common dolphins from the Southern California Bight, Moore, Sue E., and Ridgway Sam H. , Aquatic Mammals, 30-Apr-2004<br/>29-Oct-1996<br/>29-Oct-1996, Volume 21, Number 1, p.55-63, (1995)