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Journal Article
Cumulative human impacts on marine predators, Maxwell, Sara M., Hazen Elliott L., Bograd Steven J., Halpern Benjamin S., Breed Greg A., Nickel Barry, Teutschel Nicole M., Crowder Larry B., Benson Scott, Dutton Peter H., et al. , Nature Communications, 10/28/online, Volume 4, p.2688, (2013)
Dolphins simplify their vocal calls in response to increased ambient noise, Fouda, Leila, Wingfield Jessica E., Fandel Amber D., Garrod Aran, Hodge Kristin B., Rice Aaron N., and Bailey Helen , Biology Letters, Volume 14, Number 10, (2018)
Framework for assessing impacts of pile-driving noise from offshore wind farm construction on a harbour seal population, Thompson, Paul M., Hastie Gordon D., Nedwell Jeremy, Barham Richard, Brookes Kate L., Cordes Line S., Bailey Helen, and McLean Nancy , 2013/11/01/, Volume 43, p.73-85, (2013)
Key Questions in Marine Megafauna Movement Ecology, Hays, Graeme C., Ferreira Luciana C., Sequeira Ana M. M., Meekan Mark G., Duarte Carlos M., Bailey Helen, Bailleul Fred, W. Bowen Don, M. Caley Julian, Costa Daniel P., et al. , Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Volume 31, Number 6, p.463-475, (2016)
Predictions from harbour porpoise habitat association models are confirmed by long-term passive acoustic monitoring, Brookes, Kate L., Bailey Helen, and Thompson Paul M. , The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Volume 134, Number 3, p.2523-2533, (2013)
Temporal resolutions in species distribution models of highly mobile marine animals: Recommendations for ecologists and managers, Mannocci, Laura, Boustany Andre M., Roberts Jason J., Palacios Daniel M., Dunn Daniel C., Halpin Patrick N., Viehman Shay, Moxley Jerry, Cleary Jesse, Bailey Helen, et al. , Diversity and Distributions, Volume 23, Number 10, p.1098-1109, (2017)
Validating automated click detector dolphin detection rates and investigating factors affecting performance, Garrod, Aran, Fandel Amber D., Wingfield Jessica E., Fouda Leila, Rice Aaron N., and Bailey Helen , The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2018/08/01, Volume 144, Number 2, p.931-939, (2018)