Ocean Sound EOV Implementation Committee

Ocean Sound EOV Implementation Committee


Peter Tyack, chair (UK)

Tom Akamatsu (Japan)
Olaf Boebel/Karoline Thomisch (Germany)
Lucille Chapuis (UK)
Elisabeth Debusschere (Belgium)
Christ de Jong (Netherlands)
Christine Erbe (Australia)
Karen Evans (Australia)
Jason Gedamke (USA)
Tess Gridley (South Africa)
Georgios Haralabus (Austria)
Reyna Jenkins (Canada)
Jennifer Miksis-Olds (USA)
Hanne Sagen (Norway)
Frank Thomsen (Denmark)


Patricia Miloslavich (SCOR)
Sophie Seeyave (POGO)


Ed Urban (IQOE)

Tasks of Committee

  1. Write an implementation plan for the Ocean Sound Essential Ocean Variable, based on guidelines from the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS).
  2. Obtain input from IQOE working groups, and the global ocean acoustics and bioacoustics community to create the implementation plan, through online surveys, in-person workshop(s), and/or other means.
  3. Interface with the GOOS Biology and Ecosystems Panel regarding the committee's work.
  4. Report to the IQOE Science Committee and sponsors (SCOR and POGO)

Ocean Sound EOV Specification Sheet

Ocean Sound Essential Ocean Variable (EOV) Implementation Plan