Arctic Acoustic Environment

Arctic Acoustic Environment

This working group will be responsible for achieving IQOE goals in relation to Arctic systems, as described in the terms of reference below.


Philippe Blondel (UK) and Hanne Sagen (Norway)

Other Members

Marie-Noelle Houssais (France), Peter Mikhalevsky (USA), Jukka Pajala (Finland), Roberto Racca (Canada), Jaroslav Tegowski (Poland), Outi Tervo (Greenland), Karolin Thomisch (Germany), Jakob Tougaard (Denmark), and Alexander Vedenev (Russia)

Terms of Reference

The IQOE Working Group on Arctic Acoustic Environments will conduct the following activities:

  • Identify locations of existing acoustic receivers in the Arctic Ocean
  • Identify potential sources of historic acoustic data from the Arctic Ocean
  • Inform the Data Management and Standards and Intercalibrations working groups about historic and current data sources in the Arctic Ocean
  • Compile existing acoustic data to determine whether a time series can be created and report to Data Management and Data Access WG
  • Create a bibliography or synthesis of research papers on the effects of sound on organisms in the Arctic Ocean
  • Identify data/research conducted on the effects of permafrost and gas-saturated sediments on Arctic Ocean soundscapes
  • Identify an ideal receiver array (location, number of receivers, types of receivers) to observe the baseline acoustic environment for the Arctic Ocean
  • Identify ongoing going and planned experiments for which passive acoustics are planned or could be added
  • Conduct/Support endorsement processes for passive acoustic projects with the Arctic Council

Poster for OceanObs Conference

Virtual Conference on Acoustics in the Arctic Ocean