IQOE Progress

IQOE Progress

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First World Ocean Passive Acoustic Monitoring (WOPAM) Day

An outcome of the International Quiet Ocean Experiment was the first World Ocean Passive Acoustics Monitoring (WOPAM) Day, on 8 June 2023. IQOE leaders, particularly Miles Parsons and Steve Simpson, prepared two very cool 90-second videos to initiate WOPAM Day.

Downloadable at this site. 150 MB each, but they download quickly.


15 May 2023

Guardian newspaper feature on International Quiet Ocean Experiment

Science and environment reporter Alice Hutton wrote a lively and informative article for the UK Guardian newspaper about the IQOE:

Listen to a toadfish’s grunt! AI helps decode a ‘symphony’ of ocean sounds


1 May 2023

News from the International Quiet Ocean Experiment

Terry Collins artfully summarized progress in this news release about the International Quiet Ocean Experiment. The news was picked up by

Agencia EFE: Artificial intelligence listens to the habits of marine life (in Spanish)

Independent (London): Scientists eavesdrop on underwater creatures to gain insights on ocean life

Earth.Com: Monitoring ocean life through underwater soundscapes

Portal R7 (Brazil): Biólogos marinhos captam zumbido não identificado que pode ser uma nova espécie de peixe Marine biologists capture unidentified tinnitus that can be a new species of fish (in Portuguese)

Vice/Motherboard: Scientists Recording Ocean Sounds Picked Up a Mysterious ‘Buzz’ They Can’t Identify

ORF Online (Austria): Unterwassermikrofone belauschen Fische Underwater microphones eavesdrop on fish (in German)

Scientias (Netherlands): Moet je horen! Vissen maken fascinerende balts- en eetgeluiden, vooral bij volle maan You have to hear! Fish make fascinating balts and eating noises, especially at full moon (in Dutch)

23 April 2023

Interim Evaluation of International Quiet Ocean Experiment

Interim Program Self-Evaluation of the IQOE for the International Scientific Steering Committee meeting 26-27 April 2023.