IQOE Hydrophone Database

IQOE Hydrophone Database

Submitted by eurban on Thu, 02/10/2022 - 15:13

IQOE has been compiling metadata about hydrophone deployments for the past two years. This database includes records for about 600 current and past hydrophone deployments. A map as of 8 August 2021 is given at I am in the process of updating this static map.

We know that static maps on a specific date do not present a complete picture of hydrophone deployments. We are in the process of updating the hydrophone database to make it possible to create maps for a range of dates to provide more complete information. We are also adding the possibility to show mobile deployments that start and end at different geographic coordinates.

The updated database will be integrated with the IQOE Website. It will not contain acoustic data for the hydrophone deployments, but will contain metadata for each one, including contact information, that will make it easier to obtain data.

If you have not yet submitted hydrophone metadata for the existing database—for current or past deployments and stationary or mobile deployments—and would like to get your metadata into the database, please submit your metadata on the input form.

Apart from providing a community resource, IQOE hopes to use the database to identify data holders who can help create time series of ambient ocean sound for different parts of the ocean by the end of IQOE in 2025. 

Please forward this email to anyone you think would be interested in submitting metadata.

Best regards,

Ed Urban

IQOE Project Manager