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Anthropogenic noise increases fish mortality by predation Simpson, Stephen D., Radford Andrew N., Nedelec Sophie L., Ferrari Maud C. O., Chivers Douglas P., McCormick Mark I., and Meekan Mark G. Nature Communications, 02/05/online, Volume 7, p.10544 (2016)
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Assessing the impact of marine seismic surveys on southeast Australian scallop and lobster fisheries Day, Ryan D., McCauley Robert D., Fitzgibbon Quinn P., Hartmann Klaas, and Semmens Jayson M. (2016)
Assessment of known impacts of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) on marine mammals: data gaps and recommendations for researchers in the United States Smith, Courtney E., Sykora-Bodie Seth T., Bloodworth Brian, Pack Shalynn M., Spradlin Trevor R., and LeBoeuf Nicole R. Journal of Unmanned Vehicle Systems, 2016/03/01, Volume 4, Number 1, p.31-44 (2016)
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A bioenergetics approach to understanding the population consequences of disturbance: Elephant seals as a model system Costa, D. P., Schwarz L., Robinson P., Schick R.S., Morris P.A., Condit R., Crocker D.E., and Kilpatrick A.M. The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life II, New York, p.161-169 (2016)
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