QUIETMED2: Joint programme for GES assessment on D11-noise in the Mediterranean Marine Region

The IQOE Science Committee approved QUIETMED2 in May 2019. This project will support the implementation of the second cycle of the European Union’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). QUIETMED2 aims to support EU Member States’ Competent Authorities to assess the extent to which GES on Descriptor 11-Underwater noise has been achieved in the Mediterranean Region by providing practical outcomes to implement the new GES Decision through

  1. a joint proposal of a candidate for an impulsive noise indicator in the Mediterranean Region;
  2. a common methodology for Competent Authorities to establish threshold values on impulsive noise in the Mediterranean region;
  3. a data and information tool to support the implementation of the monitoring programmes of impact of impulsive noise based on the current joint impulsive noise register developed under QUIETMED project which will be demonstrated on;
  4. an operational pilot of the tool; and
  5. several activities to boost current regional cooperation efforts of the Barcelona Convention developing new Mediterranean Region cooperation measures.

The QUIETMED2 consortium is made up of 11 entities (including two National Authorities) from 8 EU Member States (Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia and Denmark). The consortium is linked to the Barcelona Convention (UNEP/MAP) and to other Conventions as OSPAR and HELCOM. This project supports the cooperation needs of all EU Member States' competent authorities in the Mediterranean Marine Region in their implementation of the next 6-year cycle of MSFD to address it together in a coherent manner.

See http://quietmed2.eu/.