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Description and classification of Indian Ocean humpback dolphin (Sousa plumbea) whistles recorded off the Sindhudurg coast of Maharashtra, India, Bopardikar, Isha, Sutaria Dipani, Sule Mihir, Jog Ketki, Patankar Vardhan, and Klinck Holger , Marine Mammal Science, Volume 34, Number 3, p.755-776, (2018)
Diving behavior of Cuvier's beaked whales inferred from three-dimensional acoustic localization and tracking using a nested array of drifting hydrophone recorders, Barlow, Jay, Griffiths Emily T., Klinck Holger, and Harris Danielle V. , The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2018/10/01, Volume 144, Number 4, p.2030-2041, (2018)
Monitoring long-term soundscape trends in U.S. Waters: The NOAA/NPS Ocean Noise Reference Station Network, Haver, Samara M., Gedamke Jason, Hatch Leila T., Dziak Robert P., Van Parijs Sofie, Mckenna Megan F., Barlow Jay, Berchok Catherine, DiDonato Eva, Hanson Brad, et al. , Marine Policy, 4//, Volume 90, p.6-13, (2018)
More of the same: allopatric humpback whale populations share acoustic repertoire, Fournet, Michelle E. H., Jacobsen Lauren, Gabriele Christine M., Mellinger David K., and Klinck Holger , PeerJ, 2018/07/30, Volume 6, p.e5365, (2018)
Some things never change: multi-decadal stability in humpback whale calling repertoire on Southeast Alaskan foraging grounds, Fournet, Michelle E. H., Gabriele Christine M., Culp David C., Sharpe Fred, Mellinger David K., and Klinck Holger , Scientific Reports, 2018/09/27, Volume 8, Number 1, p.13186, (2018)
Source levels of foraging humpback whale calls, Fournet, Michelle E. H., Matthews Leanna P., Gabriele Christine M., Mellinger David K., and Klinck Holger , The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2018/02/01, Volume 143, Number 2, p.EL105-EL111, (2018)