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Listening to their world: Acoustics for monitoring and protecting right whales in an urbanized ocean, Clark, Christopher W., Gillespie Douglas, Nowacek Douglas P., and Parks Susan E. , The Urban Whale: North Atlantic Rights Whales at the Crossroads, Cambridge, MA, p.333-357, (2007)
Only male fin whales sing loud songs, Croll, Donald A., Clark Christopher W., Acevedo Alejandro, Tershy Bernie, Flores Sergio, Gedamke Jason, and Urbán Jorge , Nature, 9-Jun-2003<br/>5-Jun-2003, Volume 417, Number 20 June 2002, p.809, (2002)
VOCAL ACTIVITY OF FIN WHALES, BALAENOPTERA PHYSALUS, IN THE LIGURIAN SEA, Clark, Christopher W., Borsani J. F., and Notarbartolo-di-Sciara G. , Marine Mammal Science, Volume 18, Number 1, p.286-295, (2002)
Methods for Automatic Detection of Mysticete Sounds, Mellinger, David K., and Clark Christopher W. , Mar. Fresh. Behavior Physical, Volume 29, p.163-181, (1997)
Whales 95-Revolutionizing marine mammal monitoring technology, Spikes, Clayton H., and Clark Christopher W. , Sea Technology, 8-May-1996, Volume 37, Number 4, p.49-56, (1996)
Numbers and distributions of bowhead whales, Balaena mysticetus, based on the 1985 acoustic study off Pt. Barrow, Alaska, Clark, Christopher W., and T. William Ellison , Reports of the International Whaling Commisson, 7-Jun-1989, Volume 38, p.365-370, (1988)
The sounds of sperm whale calves, Watkins, William A., Moore Karen E., Clark Christopher W., and Dahlheim Marilyn E. , Animal Sonar Processes and Permofmance, 10-Dec-1991, Volume NATO ASI Series, Series A: Life sciences, Vol 156, p.99-107, (1988)